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About JUx

JUx is an online learning and engagement platform whose primary focus is to create a virtual learning and that is accessible anytime, anywhere through convenient learning formats by connecting and collaborating with partners and stakeholders at affordable cost. JUx is at the forefront in introducing pedagogies that engage, enhance knowledge and provide necessary skills that help students and working professionals achieve their career goals. Through JUx one can connect to people who are interested in any particular domain and also experts from the field.

About GWFM

Since the launch in 2015 the GWFM has evolved as a global forum of HR Practitioners with over 15 thousand members worldwide. GWFM advocates for the workforce industry and develops the professional capacity of workforce professionals seeking the highest standards of excellence in credentialing, applied learning opportunities, and cutting edge tools to excel in serving job seekers and business. At the Forum we promote HR in business strategies. GWFM Forum grew out of an increasing interest in the people dimension as the concept of Human Capital. Workforce planning was widely used by large employers.

Our Mission is to lead thinking and share good practice in the linking of people, planning and productivity.